About Sifu Carl


Sifu Carl Albright is a proud member of the old guard and one of the East Coast golden era standard bearers.
Training in Chinese Martial arts for over 50 years, Sifu Carl had the opportunity to travel and train with the best.

Chinese Martial Art Systems

Hung Gar,

Seven Star Praying Mantis,

Tibetan Secret Sect Lama,

Tai chi/ Plum Flower Praying mantis,

Pa Kua Jeung,
Choy Lee Fut.

Qualifications and Skill

Started training in 1957 in the Praying Mantis and Pa Kua Jeung systems.
Started teaching in 1968 at the age of 16.
Started NY Sil Lum Pai Gung Fu Association at that time.
Has trained in China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Has won over 200 trophies in the forms, weapons, breaking and fighting divisions. Undefeated full contact bare knuckle grand champion 1975 thru 1985
(retired undefeated)

Hand to hand combat instructor; Dragon Valley South Korea 1975
U.S. Army Camp Muy Thai Kickboxing team 1975

Hall of fame awards 

World Karate federation -1999

World Professional Martial Arts  Organization – 2003 and 2008

Other facts

Sifu Carl has received letters of commendation and appreciation from State Senator Olga A. Mendez, the Crime Victims Political Platform, Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service and the Park Slope 5th Avenue Local Development Corporation. Taught at the schools of Shihan Felix Vasquez, Professor George Cofield and Grandmaster Billy Davis. Part of Aaron Banks’ original Oriental World of Self Defense 1968, 69 (Town Hall) MSG 1975, and many more throughout the years.


Chiu Cheng Leun – Seven Star Praying Mantis

Choy Yeun Yee – Pa Kua, Hung Gar, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Bok Nam Hop Kuen (Northern Southern Combined Fist).
Bucksam Kong – Hung gar, Choy Lee Fut

Lam Chun Fai – Hung Gar
Lee Byung Chun – Tai Chi / Plum Flower Praying Mantis

Chan Tai San – Tibetan Secret Sect Lama, Choy Lee Fut, Dragon Pa Kua

William Chung – Hung Gar

Dr. Henry Leung – Wing Chun  (Nine finger Buddah Hand /Gau Ji Fut Sao)

Ark Yuey Wong – Five Family Fist (Hung, Lau, Choy, Lee, Mok)

Wan Chi Ming – Hung Gar

Magazines, Newspapers, Etc.

Brooklyn Graphic September 1999

Flatbush Life September 1999

Canarsie Digest September 1999

Park Slope Courier September 1999

Park Slope Courier May 1999

Kingsman (Brooklyn College) May 1996

New York Post – Sept 1992 (with Mayor David Dinkins)

The Destroyer #41 (cover ) Remo Williams series

Inside Kung Fu – April 1992, March 1989

Inside Kung Fu- Yearbook (article of the year) 1989

Inside Kung Fu – Oct 1988

Inside Kung Fu – Sept 1987

The Masters Guide to Self Defense – April 1990

New Tech Times – May 1983

Inside the Turret (Military Newspaper) – March 1978

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